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CHAOS RINGS [iPhone & iPod touch]
Publisher:SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
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Chaos Ring: Eindrucksvoller Trailer erschienen

Square Enix, bekannt für Rollenspiele wie Final Fantasy und Final Fantasy II, hat kürzlich den ersten Trailer für ihr neustes Meisterwerk Chaos Ring veröffentlicht, in dem man einen ersten umfangreichen Einblick von Chaos Ring bekommt. Das Spiel wird ein Rollenspiel mit voller 3D-Grafik, die wirklich beeindruckend aussieht. Auch der Umfang des Spieles ist – so ist aus dem ca. 3 Minuten langen Trailer in asiatischer Sprache erkennbar – sehr beachtlich. So werden viele Endgegner-Kämpfe und verschiedenste weitere Szenen gezeigt.

Der Release soll irgendwann im Laufe des Jahres 2010 erfolgen, genaueres ist leider noch nicht bekannt.

Im TouchArcade-Forum hat der User GDSage eine umfangreiche Liste zu Chaos Ring zusammengefasst und veröffentlicht (in englisch):

Chaos Rings (iPhone)

– Brand new Square Enix RPG
– Polygonal characters overlaid on hand drawn backgrounds, fully polygonal in battles
– Developed by Media.Vision (Wild ARMS, RIZ-ZOAWD)
– Story by Yukinori Kitajima – scenario writer of 428 (sound novel) and Okamiden (Okami 2)
– Character designs by Yusuke Naora (art director of FFVII, VIII, X)

– The story of Chaos Rings revolves around a battle tournament to the death
– Five two-person teams from around the world have been entered into the tournament
– Some have been enticed to the tournament, others against their will
– Shadowy spokesman for the tournament promises eternal life and youth for the winner
– The game is made up of five scenarios (playthroughs) in all
– Each playthrough revolves around one of the five two-person teams
– The pairs you are not in control of face against you as rivals
– To uncover the full story all five playthroughs must be completed

– The main progression is in the tournament arena called „Arka Arena“
– The Chaos Rings title refers to this multiple zoned arena
– Outside of this arena, special doors lead you to different dungeons around the world
– In each dungeon you open treasure chests and combat enemies to gain experience
– At the heart of each dungeon lies a final boss

– Battles are turn-based
– You control both partners within the team
– Attacks divided between „solo“ and „pair“ commands
– Pair attacks execute special combo skills and greater damage, but opens up both partners to damage
– Strategic play is promised as HP is only replenished after a battle
– Fights can be against multiple enemies at once
– Once enemies are defeated, you can acquire their genetic information
– These genes can then be equipped to grant skills
– Genes can evolve after use in battle and produce new skills

It looks like Famitsu was given the chance to play Chaos Rings in advance.

„I was surprised at how smooth the 3D graphics were,“ Famitsu magazine wrote in a preview published in this week’s issue. „I honestly didn’t think that the iPhone was capable of such pretty 3D visuals. The controls are also innovative — you can touch and drag your finger anywhere on the screen to move your characters around. It doesn’t rely on using one hand over the other, so it’s really easy to play.“

„The strategic battle system is the most interesting part of the game,“ Famitsu wrote. „Your HP is refilled after each battle, but each individual fight is pretty intense. If you’re short on HP, you have to agonize over whether to attack solo or in pairs. It’s a lot of fun!“

The game looks like it will have a western release. Recently the title „Chaos Rings“ was trademarked by SquareEnix for Europe:…e-chaos-rings/


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